MARCH '10    to     JUNE '10

Founder from neglect:

In just 3 months this pony was moving so much more comfortable despite more improvement to be made. 





                                                 MARCH '08    to     DEC '08

Poor hoof quality:

This is very common for horses coming out of shoes, they often have very brittle and weak walls. But with proper diet and hoofcare you can see that in less than a year the horse has grown in very healthy hoof walls. Truly beautiful and healthy bare feet. 





                                                            FEB '08    to    AUG '08


Something else that is commonly see in shod horses is contracted frogs often with an infection in the central sulcus. If that infection gets deep enough can cause a lot of tenderness in rear of hoof often misdiagnosed as "navicular syndrome". Treating the infection and allowing the frog to open up can often resolve these cases. 





                                                      AUG '09     to     JULY '10

Founder with sole penetration:

This horse had foundered and the owners had tried to treat her with the conventional route of corrective shoeing and stall rest. She only got worse to the point where her coffin bones began penetrating her soles. They called me in as a last hope to see if a natural approach might be able to save her. We adjusted her diet, I began trimming her correctly and also had her put on turn out again for movement. Within 3 months she was moving considerably better, the hole in her soles had closed up and she was growing in a nice and tight healthy hoof wall. It took less than a year to grow in an entirely new hoof and with that healthy hoof the coffin bone could resuspend and reverse the rotation. She was back to being ridden again. 





                                                   APRIL '10     to     SEP '10

Overfed and neglected:

This pony was being overfed sweet feed as well as not getting regular trimming. She got so foot sore that the owner called me in to help. I got her off the sweet feed and put her on a regular trim schedule, she started to feel much better within a few weeks.





                                                   JUNE '08     to     SEP '09

Founder with sole penetration:

This horse suffered a bad trailer accident, the severity of the trauma caused him to ultimately founder. Because of a neglect in his hoofcare at that time, it only got worse to the point that his coffin bones begun to penetrate his soles. Needless to say despite recovering from his original injury he was now extremely lame and uncomfortable from the founder. I had the horse's diet adjusted and begun trimming him as well as putting him on turn out in pasture footing. Booting is another option if soft footing is not available. In 3 months the horse was moving very comfortably on pasture footing and beginning to run with the herd, in a few more months he could walk comfortably over gravel. The horse recovered fully and was able to be ridden again. 





                                                       SEP '10     to     AUG '11

Founder from neglect:

This little pony was rescued by a nice family and although very sore and underweight when I first began working on her it didn't take but a few months for her to start feeling like a perky little pony. She was eventually comfortable enough that she could give her little kid pony rides around the yard.