Jennifer Vallieres - Natural Hoofcare
Certified by the American Hoof Association

Serving Middle Tennessee


      I was born in Ontario, Canada but have lived in the States most of my life. I've always loved animals since I was very young. What little girl doesn't? I was especially passionate about horses though, I knew that when I grew up I wanted a career with animals, something where I could offer real help and change their lives for the better.

      I never imagined that would lead me to where I am today. How many girls grow up dreaming they'd be working under horses! As it turns out though, I couldn't be more happier than where I am now:) It is the perfect career for me.

      In 2004 I started my education at the age of 19. I enrolled in the Strasser Certification Course, this is an intensive year long course that teaches everything about the hoof and Dr. Strasser's approach to natural hoofcare for lameness rehabilitation. I was the youngest in the course but I graduated top of my class.

      I followed the Strasser method of trimming for a few years and although I was seeing success and improvements in lame horses, I knew I could get much more and wouldn't be satisfied until I was getting the results I wanted. So in 2007 I set out to learn everything I could about Pete Ramey's method to lameness rehabiliation. I loved the theory so much that I immediately put it to use.

      Since following Pete Ramey's method I am finally getting the spectacular results I knew could be had. Although it took a lot of work and study to get where I am, I consider myself extremely fortunate to be doing what I'm doing. It is an extremely rewarding and satisfying career and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a career change!



Jennifer Vallieres